Wednesday October 5th

Knee deep in weeds with camera in back pocket for the last two days, trying to clear the block because it's verge collection time in Perth again. All the while trying to get work done but I keep stopping to marvel at the variety of shapes, colors, sizes - there is a world of design GENIUS in the backyard!

There never really needs to be a time when we aren't in a state of complete awe about our world!

A twisting creeper grabs a conifer.

Nature sticks together.
What about beads that look exactly like these grass seeds hanging form a doily?

We all have different theories/beliefs and I think they are all divine, but one thing we have to agree on - whoever/whatever created everything was very - CREATIVE!!

What about a duster that looks just like these guys on the right? Even though it looks spiky it will be super soft and dust attracting and the packaging will say 'Super soft grass seed dust buster'

I can see a chandelier and the berries are great big round light bulbs that don't get to hot even though they are leaning against each other.

I see pillows, pin cushions, brooches....

What a wonderful (understatement) world we live in.

How about Mr Moth. He was more than happy to pose for me in his elaborate outfit, can you see his cautious eye? Seriously, I want a coat just like his!

Not everyone was happy to pose! Every time my canon went left Mr Gecko went right and visa versa so I decided to capture his cute little feet!

Hope everyone is wonderful and for at least a minute today (that's all it takes to renew the soul) can be in complete awe of the beauty that surrounds..... it is NEVER ending...

Cats in the Gallery


It is usually a challenge for me to get into a creative-genius thinking space when there are ANY distractions about, so imagine what I achieved when my three cats moved in yesterday for the day. With all the rain we've had I felt sorry for them stuck in their kennels (all but Vicki who has claimed the palace shed for herself) so I brought them in to stretch their legs and get out of the wet.

Satine - 'If I avoid eye contact Mum won't tell
me to get off this cupboard for the fifth time.'

Toulouse - 'I bet Mum thinks I look so cute
balancing on her books with my dirty bottom 
on her new frame.'

Vicki - 'I don't know who these other two cats think they are, invading my gallery palace, but when they walk past I'm ready
to strike'

Needless to say, I gave up!! Oh but I do love my babies!